Foot of The Mountain opened in 1934.  The rest is history.


Foot of The Mountain has the unique distinction of being the oldest continuously operating motel in Boulder.

We’ve made thoughtful renovations over the years, with our hearts in the past but our eyes always on the future. We’ve updated the facilities, but original design quirks like unexpected nooks, slightly off-kilter door frames, and bathtubs placed specifically so you can take in the views of Flagstaff Mountain are here to stay.


85 years in the making

Early 1930’s

FOTM is built by Charles and Mary Siebert

Knowing the upscale crowd wouldn’t want to stash their wheels at nearby Eben G. Fine Park, the Sieberts set out to create a charming haven at the base of Boulder Canyon. They built the nine cottages themselves from hewn-pine logs, charged $2.00 for a sleeping room and $5 for a kitchenette, and Foot of The Mountain was born.


Walter and Audrey Snair buy the property

Candidate for ‘World’s Most Interesting Man’, Walter Snair was a Colorado native, World War II Veteran, coal miner, and motel proprietor! Walter and his wife ran the property for 33 years.


Larry and Maija Fisher buy the property

Maija helped build the legend of Foot of The Mountain’s bathtubs by telling the local paper that “It’s got to be the best view from any motel bathtub in Boulder.”


The motel is sold to Dave and Carole Nordgren

Dave and Carol threw themselves into maintaining the motel, as well as working to revitalize nearby Eben G Fine park. The park is right across the street from the motel and has access to Boulder Creek Path, Settlers Open Space, and a wonderful playground for little ones.


The motel gets a facelift (but keeps its charm)

We undertook a significant renovation to modernize the rooms while preserving and protecting the vintage charm of the cabins and grounds.


It’s a family affair

The motel is owned by four local Boulder families who remain dedicated to providing visitors with unique experiences, personal and friendly service, and cozy comfort at the foot of Flagstaff Mountain.


Be part of our history